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Summertime and the Livin' is Easy...

We are in the full swing of all things summer. Our family purchased a camper last year and let me tell you, it's been one of the best investments in our family. The ability to get away from every day life and spend time in nature is great for the soul. So far we have added 2 new states to our map and will be adding another one for the 4th of July weekend. I see many s'mores, campfires and quiet nights in my future. Let's hope no injuries though. I'm rather accident prone on these camping adventures. I've darn near cut my finger off, melted 2 slippers, almost burned off my eyebrows (4 times) and broken one rather nice chair. Our family is now placing bets on what crazy injury I will have these time.

Anyway... I digress. Please enjoy this video regarding July's subscription boxes. It's all things fun and summery.

Stay cool out there.

Sending love and light,


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