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The Stories Behind The Scents

For many of the scents we have created here at ISFH, there is a story that goes with them. From nostalgia and fond scents that bring back core memories, these are just come of the stores behind some of our Signature Line creations. 

Olive Oatman.HEIC

Olive Oatman

I grew up just 30 minutes from Oatman, Arizona, in a small farming town called Mohave Valley. On the weekends when we weren't taking our Jeepster four-wheeling, we would often head up into the mountains to visit Oatman. An old mining town nestled in the Black Mountains, Oatman is a true hidden gem of the southwest. You can go through the many gift shops, find the best rock candy and gemstones, pet and feed donkeys who have made the main drag way their home and even witness an old-fashioned gun fight. You can stop by the Oatman Hotel and eat in the restaurant and place your dollar bill on the wall, visiting where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard honeymooned. 

I have always been mesmerized by Olive Oatman and her life. To me, she was a strong, determined woman who went through hell and back. When the idea for this scent came to mind, I knew I had to name it after the most badass woman I had ever learned of. Hence, Olive Oatman. You can read more about her life and legacy here:

Sleep Sweet

Some people tuck their little ones in, stating, "sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite." In my family, we've always had a most softer, more intimate saying. Simply, "sleep sweet." For as long as I can remember, my grandma whispered these sweet words to me. I have since carried on the tradition to my daughter as well. 

When I came up with this blend of Lavender, Cedar and Sandalwood, I pictured those words and knew this scent had to have this peaceful name. 

Sleep Sweet.heic
Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake

While raising their children, my grandparents became friends with the Carsey family. Francis, the matriarch of the family, made a pretty fabulous lemon cake. Made with fresh lemons and topped with a powdered sugar glaze, it was often requested as the dessert dish for gatherings. She passed the recipe onto my grandmother, who then shared it with all of us. It is by far, my most favorite cake (in an almost tie with the Raspberry Crumble Cake from Yellow House Bakery). 

I knew I had to pay homage to Francis and not only her decades long friendship with our family, but also the most amazing cake. 

Catawba Peach

ISFH started on Catawba Island (hence the island portion of our name). If you aren't aware, Catawba is famous for its juicy peaches. You would be hard pressed to find any quite as delicious as the ones grown on the 16.9 square miles that is Catawba. When I first decided to add a peach scent to our line-up, I knew that I had to name it as such. My family's most favorite orchard happens to be Schwan Orchards. Not only do the sell these most delicious peaches, but also canned goods and other produce. 


Flash forward to the summer of 2021 when I decided it was time to take ISFH to another level and open up a brick and mortar store (quite literally). Imagine my surprise when the stars aligned and my landlord became none other than the owner of Schwan Orchards, Brad Schwan. He has been a godsend to me and my business. You can find his own special line of Catawba Peach candles at his farm stand. 

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