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In the words of Bob Ross, this scent was a happy little accident. Up until I created this blend, the aroma of grapefruit made me queezy. But once I mixed it with mint, it quickly made my top 3 favorites list. Sure to bring the feeling of a warm summer day, Grapefruit Mint is a excellent blend of tart and sweet. This scent will awaken your senses and put a smile on your face. 

Grapefruit Mint

    • All ISFH candles feature hand-poured all-natural soy wax.
    • The wicks are 100% cotton and produce a safe, clean burn.
    • As always, be sure to trim the wicks each time you light the candle to prolong its life.  
    • To ensure an even burn throughout, make sure the top layer of the candle completely melts on the first burn before extinguishing.
    • The average burn time for 8 ounce candles is 40-55 hours.
    • The average burn time for 14.5 ounce candles is 50-60 hours.
    • Wax melts can last for 18+ hours.
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