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August Subscription Boxes

Boy oh boy what a summer it has been! We went from thinking we were going to have a low-key chill summer, to selling what we thought was our forever home and moving to a whole new town in literally 9 days. So if you're wondering why you haven't heard much from your favorite crazy candle lady, now you know why.

Now that the dust has finally settled, I feel like I'm finally able to delve back into the rewarding world of candle making. If you stopped by the store the few weeks, you may have noticed a few new faces around. I feel so blessed to have both Ashley and Alliyah working for me. They bring a creative energy that was needed to take our store to the next level.

Moving on, our subscription boxes for August are themed around back to school and those last few days of summer. I hope you enjoy seeing some of your old favorites as well as some new fun, custom blends.

Thank you, as always for your love and support.

Sending love & light,


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