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Change is Good for the Soul

If you've been on the site lately, you will notice things are changing. After much thought and consideration, I have opted to modify my jars. While cute as a button, my previous cork topped jars were not cost effective. Moving toward the white, wood topped jars allows me to be able to streamline labeling as well as create a larger candle with a stronger throw. It also allows me to keep the same jar type throughout the seasons and holidays while being able to easily get creative with labeling. It's a change I hoped and prayed for and am so glad to see it come to fruition. I've also enjoyed being a little more daring with my scent blends and you all seem to enjoy them as well.

Wine and candle nights have been a new addition to our lineup that has proven to be both extremely fun and a learning experience. It's a bit terrifying to share your passion, but it has been good for me. Quarantine in and of itself has been a personal struggle. There were many days where I didn't want to take care of myself. Didn't want to brush my hair or get dressed. I wanted to wallow in seclusion. Starting this business has pushed me to get up, put on my makeup and show you my face. This business helped me begin to care about myself again. Wine and candle nights have allowed me the opportunity to be around new people, to thrive where I'm good and feel a bit of self-confidence once again.

I've started to sign up for several craft fairs and hope to return to the Huron Farmer's Market again this summer. The customers at HFM were the driving force behind me taking the candle making ball and running. I have not given up on my dream of owning a storefront one day. I really believe it will happen. Good things come to those who wait. I hope to see many of your bright, smiling faces soon.

Sending love & light,


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