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Letting the Cat Outta the Bag

Many of you may have already watched our Facebook live, but for those of you that haven't, we have some exciting news. After much thought, planning and weighing the odds, we have decided to move our storefront to Downtown Sandusky.

This move is something we have thought about for quite some time. First, let me say, Port Clinton will always be "home" to Island Sham Farmhouse. It's where I made my first candle, where I felt my calling and the place where my family was completed. The opportunities and connections I have made in the last three years of being a business owner will be ones that will last a lifetime.

Some of you may or may not know, but ISFH isn't my primary job. On top of being your crazy candle lady, I also work full time as a federal employee. While my "day" job provides me many luxuries I am blessed to have, it does not fulfill my soul in the same way as making candles and connecting with all of you does. In April, I graduated with my Bachelors in Small Business and I started my Masters in August, pursuing my MBA. ISFH isn't just some hobby to me. It is a lifelong dream. A dream I need to buy into and bet on myself.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -Wayne Gretzky

A few months ago, I reached out to a friend and old colleague, inquiring about any potential rental spots available in Sandusky. With the upcoming changes to their downtown area, if felt like the right time to browse. As luck would have it, I was connected with a very kind man who had a potential spot available. The stars aligned and last Thursday, we signed a three year lease. We will have some minimal renovating to do and the facade of the store will be getting a facelift. I don't foresee us opening in our new location until mid-November. We plan on keeping our Port Clinton store front as long as we possibly can until that date.

So what does this mean for our Port Clinton Sham Fam? Well, first of all, you will still get your subscription boxes hand-delivered. Both Mr. Sham Fam and I still work in Port Clinton, as does David, our new employee. We know driving the bridge to visit us won't always be fun, but Downtown Sandusky has so many great restaurants and things to see. Plus, we will be next-door to our BFF store, Lakelynn Design. So you can get your Port Clinton fix all in one trip. As always, we offer free shipping. We hope you will still come out and support us, as we have supported you, donating to fundraisers and such.

This move will be hard. It's a change and this candle lady doesn't always handle change so greatly. But, this is a needed move. We are growing and we need a place that we can grow into and become even better. For those who have attended our candle parties, Courtney has promised to still make our charcuterie boards. We also are in talks to have one of our favorite small businesses in the area sell some of their goods in our store. (More on that soon!)

I would like to thank those who have been with us from the beginning. Abbie Fox, who is not only my mentor, but also a dear friend. (I mean, I love her so much, I'm literally moving in next door to her.) Courtney Kast, who is the sweetest soul alive. Easiest person to talk to and makes me laugh so hard. Joe and Lisa Kuzma, my favorite people to complain to about our struggles. Please support them at Port Clinton Candy Company. (But don't buy all the freeze dried candy-it's my fav!) Jennifer and Drew Gatliff at Yellow House Bakery and Michael Wilson at The Wellness Project will still be selling our candles. Be sure to support them as both their businesses give back so much to the community.

And last, to my staff. Those that have stayed and those who have moved on. I wouldn't be here without you. Your love, support and ability to keep up with my crazy brain is enviable.(Everyone is required to come back to help us move. It was in the employee manual I never gave you.) And my husband, who is "ALL IN" all the time. A future thank you for now renovating a second store. You are my hero.

Thank you for your continued love & support. We are just getting started.

Sending love & light,


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