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2023: WHAT A YEAR!!!

As I sit here, trying to commit my thoughts on 2023 into words, I'm admittedly at a loss for words. The first thing that come to mind is: WOAH! If you would have told me on 12/31/2022 all that was going to transpire in the 2023, I would have laughed, cried and immediately booked a therapy appointment.

As things in Port Clinton started to change, with businesses that had been there for years either relocating or closing, I started to get worried about the future of ISFH. I was gradating with my Small Business degree in April and I was worried I had chosen wrong. I knew deep down I was doing my dream, but I was also worried said dream was a little bit too lofty.

April came, and I walked that stage to get my diploma with a new found determination pushing me to not give up and think bigger. I had toyed with moving our location for the better part of the year, only having the dialogue within my own head because I knew if I said it out loud, then I was going to have to either sink or swim. I chose to bet on myself and in September, we made the commitment to move to Downtown Sandusky.

I'd by lying if I didn't say I was terrified. Hell, I am STILL terrified. Our rent is higher, I have a larger staff I have to pay and a whole new clientele I needed to woo. But, as we are now almost two months into our new location, I can say, with confidence, that this move was exactly what needed to happen if I wanted ISFH to continue to grow. Sandusky has welcomed us with open hearts and arms. The people who showed up to help us renovate the new location, refused money and put their literal blood, sweat and tears into getting it done will forever hold a spot in my heart.

My staff expanded, more than doubling the work force. My new employees jumped into the chaos like they have been here from day one, taking on all tasks with grace and a bit of humor. Being unable to commit my self fully, in a working sense, to the business, is a true struggle for me. I want ISFH to be my full time gig. Well, my ONLY full time gig. But, alas, we aren't there yet. I do see it happening and it will continue to be on my vision board until it is a reality. Until then, I have the BEST crew running the show for me. I'm beyond grateful.

2023 was very good to me, even if I did have to turn 40-yuck! It tested my strength, determination and will-power. I am a firm believer that if you are pleased with the status quo, you will never learn to grow as an individual. I am constantly striving to be a better wife, mom, boss and just overall human being. Do I have my moments? Hell yes. But, if I didn't, how would I learn?

I am big on transparency. So here are my commitments to our Sham Fam.

  1. Release 2-3 new options in store.

  2. Hold a themed candle making party once a month (because FUN-DUH!)

  3. Grow the current partnerships we have in the store. (I'm looking at you Sweet Pea, Shi Bella, Sunshine Farm and Shamrock Beard!)

  4. Get to know my new local community.

  5. Give back.

  6. Share my knowledge.

  7. Learn from all of you.

  8. Increase sustainability.

  9. Take time to breathe, relax and actually enjoy all the things life has blessed me with.

Happy New Year Sham Fam! May 2024 be as good to you as 2023 was to me.

Sending love & light,


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