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March's Subscription Boxes

I really can't express just how much fun I have picking and creating each month's subscription box selections, especialy when I can center them around a holiday.

I feel like I'm finally in my groove at the store and I'm actually starting to get ahead. We have a few new things coming soon, including a couple fun products as well as our first ever Spring Line! YAY!

Island Sham Farmhouse has grown so far from pour candles in my kitchen. I still pinch myself and wonder if this is real life. I'm getting to the point where I need help, so if you're local keep an eye out because we will be hiring! I never thought I would have a store, let alone employees and I'm excited for this new adventure. As crazy busy as my life is (hello 2 jobs, going to school full time, raising a tiny human), I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Pursue your dreams. Chase your passions and never give up.

Sending love & light,


PS. Maybe someday I'll get a better screen grab for the subscription box videos. For now, enjoy my crazy face. LOL!

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