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Quarantine made me do it!

Hello everyone and welcome to my latest endeavor. In May of 2020, I began dabbling in the fine art of candle making. For pretty much my whole life I’ve been obsessed with candles, to the point I need a support group. Soy candles are my favorite and they are PRICEY! Long story short, quarantine convinced  me try to make them myself and *SHOCKER*, I’m not terrible at it!  My plan is to keep costs down while providing you with the best little candle your money can buy. I’ll be setting up a candle of the month subscription soon and have some great options coming for Christmas time. So stay tuned and thanks for coming on this ride with me.

Sending love and light to you all!


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Elayne Tiller
Elayne Tiller
21 feb 2021

We are so happy to have finally found candles that actually have awesome scents with great throw! We’re so tired of wasting our money on other candles with no throw and weak scent..And your scent assortment is amazing! So glad we found you at the Huron farmers market last fall..Best of luck!!

Me gusta
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