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We aren't Ju-lying, these scents are amazing!

One of my most favorite things to do each month is come up with our scents for subscription boxes and scent of the month. In case you are new here, I pretty much theme every month's boxes. And of course, our tissue paper HAS to match said theme. It's the OCD in me. Sorry not sorry.

July 4th is easily in my top 3 favorite holidays. Hot dogs, fireworks and of course alllll the watermelon. GIVE IT TO ME!!! So when sitting down and figuring out what scents to offer, it was a total no-brainer.

Scent of the Month for July is Watermelon. Juicy and sweet, it's the perfect summer scent. If you subscribe to a box that features candles, you will be getting this cool scent. Our other candle selections are Dreamsicle (inspired by my latest drink obsession at Coffee Express) and Summer Nights for you Trio subscribers. Summer Nights is a popular favorite from our summer line, featuring citronella and lemongrass to keep those nasty skeeters at bay.

For your wax melts, we have earthy Basil Sage Mint, refreshing White Tea & Lemon, tart Strawberry and refreshing Summer orange.

I always want our subscription boxes to inspire you each month and leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed. As always, I appreciate all of you who chose to subscribe month in and month out. Small business support is much needed these days and you choosing my store over some big box brand is literally the most heartwarming thing ever.

Sending love & light,


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