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Stop Buying "Cheap" Candles

We've all been there. It's a Saturday afternoon, you have a few kid-free minutes and you decide to grab a latte from Starbucks and peruse the aisles of Target. You come to that adorably decorated end-cap stocked with cutely decorated candles filled with all your favorite scents. They're inexpensive, advertising they are a delightful soy-blend. They are even the most delightful shade of pink, perfect for Spring. You toss two or three in your cart. Who can resist?!?!? They're only $7.99 each. And this is where you unknowingly went wrong, so very wrong.

I know you've heard me say it again and again, but to put it plainly, I will die on the hill when it comes to telling all of you the reasons behind when it comes to penny-pinching, candles are not the place you should discount shop. Allow me to tell you a little bit about my arch nemesis: PARAFFIN.

Some of you remember going into a salon and after a manicure, dipping your hands in the warm pool of paraffin wax. It made your skin so soft and was very delightful. Little did you know what you were exposing yourself to. I've shared with you before about how some candle companies make soy-blend candles, which are in fact, not 100% soy, but mixed with paraffin to make the candles burn faster and you to purchase more. It's a rather clever marketing strategy, but also one that does not take into account your health at all.

Paraffin in dangerous. Don't believe me? Well check out this article:

Paraffin is made from petroleum oil, a known cancer-causing agent. Burning paraffin, even when mixed with soy wax, can cause birth defects, respiratory issues, kidney damage and headaches, just to name a few. Many of these issues are non-reversible and can cause life-altering and longterm damage. Places like Target, dollar stores and even some small business that purchase third party candles, sell these items to you as a consumer and don't think anything of it. You see an inexpensive candle that is cute and smells awesome and you put it right into your cart without giving it a second thought. Not to be dramatic (but I often have a flair for the dramatics), but you are literally paying for you and anyone that comes into your home to be exposed to harsh toxins and chemicals.

One of my most dear friends has a husband who has asthma. For years she tried different types of candles and wax melts, longing to fill her home with the scents of the season. Every time she brought home a new candle and lit it, he would immediately have breathing issues. It didn't matter where she bought it: Bath and Body Works, Target, Kroger, etc. They all made his breathing difficult. Although she's in the "Julia Fan Club" (a name I have given to those who support me through all my crazy ideas), she was hesitant for a long time to actually bring any of my candles into her home. I didn't pressure her and she eventually came to a candle making party. She took her amazing creation home and low-and-behold, her husband had zero breathing issues. Why? Because of the promise I made when I started this crazy journey. I will always bring you safe, paraffin and phthalate free candles that are non-toxic, but still delightful.

While this may seem like the desperate plea of a small business owner to get you to place an online order (FREE SHIPPING PEOPLE), the biggest takeaway I want to leave you with is this: PLEASE START READING LABELS. If you see something that says "blend" keep it on the end (cap)! This candle lady wants to keep you safe! We have since added a transparency page to our site, so you never have to question what is in our products. You can find that page here:

Sending love & light,


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